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November 21, 2006
2006 SKYWARN Recognition Day is December 2nd
Phil Hysell, KI4CKP

The eighth annual SKYWARN Recognition Day will take place Friday evening December 1st through Saturday December 2nd (0000-2400 UTC). During this time, regional amateur radio operators and members of the National Weather Service (NWS) will gather at NWS Blacksburg and contact other radio operators at other NWS offices as well as contacts around the world.

While trying to make as many contacts as possible in as many different locations as possible is fun, the real importance of this day is to celebrate the contributions that volunteer SKYWARN radio operators make to the National Weather Service. During many dangerous weather situations, our office acquires real time weather information from SKYWARN radio operators in the field. These operators will report the position of a tornado, which roads are flooded, how strong the winds are blowing, or how much snow accumulated. All of this information is critical to the mission of the NWS which is to preserve life and property. If a widespread severe weather event is anticipated, amateur radio operator volunteers will come to our office to help field incoming severe weather information, often leaving work or their families.

So, the next time you hear a storm report from the National Weather Service that alerts people in the path of the storm what type of weather is headed their way, it may have come from one our many dedicated SKYWARN radio operators. The National Weather Service in Blacksburg sincerely appreciates the SKYWARN radio operators who submit and document this critical information.

2005 SKYWARN Recognition Day

SKYWARN Recognition Day for 2005 will be held on December 3, from 00:00Z to 24:00Z (7:00 p.m. Friday the 2nd until 7:00 p.m. Saturday, December 3rd. We are planning for operation on HF and VHF.

We are planning to rotate operations through all the SKYWARN repeaters that are part of the Blacksburg NWS SKYWARN System. We will offer special recognition to those that work 80% or more of the system repeaters. All check-ins are ask to report their call, name, location and current weather conditions during this event.

2004 SKYWARN Recognition Day

HF Operation: We were Successful in working 31 different National Weather Stations throughout the United States. We also gave many individual stations credit for contact with WX4RNK in Blacksburg.

Station Operators at NWS Blacksburg, VA

Mike Knight, K4IJ; Glen Sage, W4GHS; Brandy Puckett, KI4CPJ; David Puckett, KI4AVS; Dan Edwards, AG4YU; Seth Price, N3MRA; Floyd Ponton KB4WYW; LeRoy Maxey, AG4RW; Rich Armstrong, KS4XO; Doug Minnick, WD4BSB; Jason Rausch, KE4NYV; Ben Mills, KG4QVP; and Kenneth Lewis KG4PTZ

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