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Indicators of Deteriorating Weather:

  • Clouds lowering and thickening, ceiling lowers.
  • Puffy clouds begin to develop vertically and darken.
  • Sky is dark and threatening to the West.
  • Clouds increasing in numbers, moving rapidly across the sky.
  • Clouds at different heights moving in different directions.
  • Clouds moving from East or Northeast towards the South.
  • Heavy rain occurring at night.
  • Barometer falling steadily or rapidly.
  • Smoke from stacks lowers.
  • Static on AM radio.
  • Wind shifting North to East and possibly through East to South.
  • There is a ring (halo) around the moon.
  • If on land, leaves that grow according to prevailing winds turn over and show their backs.
  • Strong wind and / or a red sky in the morning.
  • Temperatures far above or below normal for the time of year.

Indicators of Impending Strong Winds:

  • Light, scattered clouds alone in a clear sky.
  • Sharp, clearly defined edges to clouds.
  • Yellow sunset.
  • Unusually bright stars.
  • Major changes in the temperature.

Indicators of Impending Precipitation:

  • Distant objects seem to stand above the horizon.
  • Sounds are very clear and can be heard for great distances.
  • Transparent veil-like cirrus clouds thicken, ceiling lowers.
  • Hazy and sticky air. Rain may occur in 18-36 hours.
  • Halo around the sun or moon.
  • Increasing South wind with clouds moving from the West.
  • Wind (especially North wind) shifting to West and then South.
  • Steadily falling barometer.
  • Pale sunset.
  • Red sky to the West at dawn.
  • No dew after a hot day.

Indicators of Clearing Weather:

  • Cloud bases rise.
  • Smoke from stacks rise.
  • Wind shifts to West, especially from East through South.
  • Barometer rises quickly.
  • A cold front has passed in the past 4 to 7 hours.
  • Gray early morning sky shows signs of clearing.
  • Morning fog or dew.
  • Rain stopping and clouds breaking away at sunset.

Indicators of Continuing Fair Weather:

  • Early morning fog that clears.
  • Gentle wind from the West or Northwest.
  • Barometer steady or rising slightly.
  • Red sky to East with clear sky to the West at sunset.
  • Bright moon and light breeze at night.
  • Heavy dew or frost.
  • Clear blue morning sky to West.
  • Clouds dot the afternoon summer sky.

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